WestJet Christmas surprise. An awesome PR stunt…

WestJet PR Stunt

Airports at this time of year can be the last place you want to be during Christmas. Sure, the idea of jetting off for a holiday or to see family is great. However; the amount of people, long queues, stress and general waiting around can make it less than jolly.

When most businesses are winding down and organising their end of year parties, WestJet (A Canadian airline) have completed quite an awesome PR stunt. With the help of a virtual and tech-savvy Santa in a box, the airline cleverly engaged what their customers and learned what they would like for Christmas. Once the passengers boarded their planes, stowed their luggage and adhered to the seat belt sign, a team of over 150 WestJet employees got to work to provide some Christmas cheer and not to forget some brand loyalty.

Watch the video below to see exactly what happened.

Not only did the airline provide presents for many of their travellers, they have also agreed that if the video gets more than 200,000 views on YouTube they will give away flights to needy families this year. With an amazing and well thought campaign like this, it’s no wonder they have smashed that total.

Just brilliant PR and marketing. Well done WestJet!

As one tweet says, WestJet, I think you just won the internet this Christmas!


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